DJay Dj mixer online for Mac

In todays hunt for an online dj mixer I have come across a software by the name of djay, imaginative, huh. For those of you who are apple addicts and dj enthusiasts get ready to be pleased.

What does it do? How does it compare to others out there? Pretty favourably. The dual turntable interface works well  and looks good. really intuitive with a simpl3 drag and drop interface, also given that its attached to itunes it displays the album artwork on the turntable as the record spins. Which can be irritating if you’ve bought lots of tunes of compilations but very handy if you’ve ever fall en foul of the Dj’s biggest mistake (turning the wrong deck off.

A really  useful feature for the total newbie online dj is the “automix” feature, it has six different styles, backspin, standard brake echo reverse and then an option to randomize your decision. Neatly, there is a setting in the preferences that allows you to set when the automix should kick in an actual time. Admittedly the automix standards are a ll a little cheesy as one would probably expect, but it does solve the problem of wanting continuous music without having to p[ay any attention to it. You might think it odd that a blog devoted to finding online Dj’s is advertising the virtues of an automix feature but believe you me I would rather have a continuous soundtrack over a bad DJ.

Also, depending on your aesthetic values it looks cool. I’d rather see a record before a waveform any day,  I imagine it looks great on the IPad too. Another massive benefit to IPad users should be the ability to use the touch screen interface to cue up a tune. Unfortunately I have only been able to trial this on the mac but if you could push and pull on an IPad as you would a CDJ or 1210 then progress is really here I’d say. This could really be the online dj mixer of choice.

Four paragraphs in and no bad points? Well, at least you knew it was coming, it costs money, not loads, but money all the same. £39 on the mac to be precise to be precise. Its only 99p on the iphone but there seems to be some fairly limited functionality. Anyone with any of these devices please feel free to come forward and prove all of these last statements to be horse manure, go ahead, please do.

So in conclusion I’d say I need an IPad. Never ever thought I’d ever say that

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Dj Mixer Online’s Three Things to Think about when Making a Mixtape.

So, lets say you have found some kind of online dj mixer you are probably going to want to make a mix with it. You are probably going to be making this mix for somebody, probably a girl. Even if you re not making it for a girl, pretend you are making it for a girl. In fact thats my new first tip:


1. Make it for a girl.

Or Guy or whatever takes your persuasion, but making a mix for for somebody upon whom you are trying to make a good impression on, iny my experience makes for better mixes. Also as a life tip, as you will be investing vast amounts of money and time into a ‘hobby’ that brings scant reward to most involved, it might not be the worst idea in the world to have something a little extra in your ‘getting a girl’ armoury.


2. Make it for a girl

Another gret thing about making a mix for a girl is that you probably know her and would probably be embarrassed if she thought it was rubbish. This should help emphasize the line between, I’ve just recorded my first dj mix to I’ve just finished my first dj mix. The first thing you should do upon finishing a mix is listen to it, ideally in the software you’ve just created it in, as this will give you the chance to correct any mistakes as soon as you come across them. Only send the mix when it is a sure fire love potion. Its easy when making your first mix to get completely over excited,  too lost in the daydreams of your beckoning superststar deejay career to notice those horrific mistakes in your mix. Hopefully the thought of having this girl laughing at your ineptitude will help you to be a little more stringent with standards.


3. Make it for a girl

If you like this girl, its likely it might be handy if you have a few things in common, even handier if you have things in common that the rest of the world don’t. If you are making a mixtape, make sure it is yours make sure you love every single moment of it and let this be your only filter. The moment you start thinking about putting tunes on there because they are popular or ‘new’ you are just diluting your own taste, which as a dj, is pretty much all you have.


If you find a DJ mixer Online, don’t use it like this!!

So after a few days of less than comprehensive searching, bemoaning other peoples failed attempts to find something they couldn’t possibly have known I was looking for ( which if you haven’t guessed by now is an online dj mixer I found a decent candidate. Remember I’m looking for a cheap or free peice of Dj software that can be used by newbie and old hand alike. Quickly, without the use of external parephenalia.

In mixxx it seems I’ve nearly found one. Its got everything you would expect, two virtual decks, responsive (yet not exactly ultra-responsive) pitch control, a flanger, a bit of eq and a cueing system. In the hope of giving the newbie digital DJ a bit of hope I went ahead and dove right in, as you can see, well hear, from the below video, the results were truly appauling, enjoy?

The search for an online Dj mixer continues.

I’ve got to be honest. I thought finding an online dj mixer would be much much easier than this. Indeed in my first post I spoke confidently of how these actually existed, you know a web 2.0 thing, web as platform and all that. You would open it up in your browser locate tunes on your computer and be mixing away just like the big guys.

Apparently not, thus far everything I have found is pretty limiting flash based stuff. there are some impressive looking graphics over at but they are more selling promo items for clients than giving the consumer any kind of real ‘fun’. `There is another one I’ve come across, blob or something its called, this one is even worse. It labels itself as an online dj mixer but in essence all it is is a six channel audio mixer with a picture drawn over it. The ‘Dj experience” it provides is akin to that annoying lad at a party who continually wants to play the dj by turning the volume on the stereo up and down at seemingly random intervals. Not great, and hardly a Dj.  Found it, here it is

So my question remains, or has changed a little, maybe its not a hunt for the best dj mixer online but ANY Dj mixer online? Anyone? Anyone… Bueller…Bueller…

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How do you find your perfect online dj mixer?

There are quite a few things to consider when looking for a dj mixer online and quite a lot of conflicting information online about dj mixers, first off lets look at your requirements and what you need one for,

You could be a DJ who has physical dj equipment i.e. Turntables or CDJ’s and you are looking to start using mp3′s for all of the advantages these bring.

You might not be a DJ at all but have a lot of good music and a party coming up where you want to share all your good music with your friends but you do not need to continually be changing music, skipping tracks, switching playlists. You want to enjoy their company and the music. An online dj mixer can be perfect in these situations.

Maybe you have looked at becoming a physical DJ but all that Djing equipment is just too expensive for you at the moment. You probably have a massive collection of music and maybe you might like to ‘try out’ djing or deejay software without the initial outlay.

Whoever you are the first thing you will need to consider after you have decided why you want in online dj mixer is what are you going to use it with. As in what device is your music currently on? Are you going to be using a laptop computer? A desktop? Maybe an Ipad or even a smartphone. You are going to need at least one of these before we start, also you are going to need to know a few things about that machine to know if it is compatible with your online dj mixer of choice. For the purpose of the rest of this article lets presume you are going to use a laptop.  

Is my laptop a Mac or a PC?

Still not sure? Ask yourself this question:

Has my laptop got an image of an apple on it?

If it has, its a MAC, if it hasn’t its a PC.

Now you have this vital piece of information your journey to DJ stardom just needs one more piece of the jigsaw to get started. That is,  What operating system are you using?

On a MAC: Click the apple logo in the top left of your desktop, click the about this MAC option. A popup window will then open telling you the operating system you are using. Another important point to note for MAC users is to note whether you have a PPC or Intel powered MAC.  If you are having trouble finding this info, a general rule of thumb would be if your MAC was purchased in the last five years then it is Intel. If it was purchased prior to that its a PPC.

On a PC: Click the start menu in the bottom left of your desktop, then click the my computer option. you should then see an option labelled view system information. Which will bring up a window with lots of info, you’re likely to see from info on the laptop itself i.e brand, model etc. There will also be some info on ‘system’ and this is what we are looking for, most likely you will have windows XP, & or Vista here. 

Once you have these bits of info make a note of the details and we are ready to start our search for the best free Dj software to suit your needs.

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