The IPM Diploma runs from the 14th March 2016 to the 13th September 2016

Key Dates

Course Starts  14th March 2016
Immersion Day  5th April 2016
Mod 1&2 Submission  17th May 2016
Feedback Mod 1&2  10th June 2016
Tutorials  21st, 23rd & 28th June 2016
Mod 3-12 Submission  16th August 2016
Set Brief & Creative Brief Submission  13th September 2016
Results  15th December

Diploma Overview

The IPM Diploma is considered by the industry itself to be the best possible grounding for those responsible for running promotions of any sort.

It involves a series of assignments and a set brief being completed by candidates in their own time, and in their own homes, over a six month period, with an inclusive Immersion Day and Tutorial.  The IPM Diploma covers all aspects of planning, implementing and evaluating campaigns that change consumer behaviour.  To complete the course 6 core modules must be completed as well as 3 of 6 elective modules.

*For candidates based outside the UK, or those looking to run international campaigns, the IPM also offers an International IPM Diploma.

The course runs with an early submission of the first couple of modules to ensure the candidate receives feedback before the completion of the remaining modules and set brief.

Aim of the Diploma

The Diploma provides a good overall introduction to Promotional Marketing and is a qualification that is recognised by the industry at large.  It is the aim of the Diploma to increase standards of professionalism in the industry and provide a benchmark for employers.

The Diploma will give candidates the basic foundation knowledge necessary to:

  • Appreciate the role of Promotions in Integrated Marketing Communications
  • Plan, instigate and manage effective Promotional Marketing concepts with confidence.
  • Effectively brief and co-ordinate the various elements and suppliers involved in Promotional Marketing campaigns.

Who the Diploma is designed for

The Diploma is designed for agency and promoter personnel involved in devising, developing and running promotional campaigns to provide a solid platform on which to build experience and future learnings.

Diploma Content

Mandatory Modules

  • The Role of Promotions in Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC)
  • The Promotional Techniques
  • Legal & Compliance
  • Understanding Audiences & Channels
  • Strategic Thinking & Evaluation
  • Creativity

Elective Modules

  • Digital Channels
  • Experiential Marketing
  • Shopper Marketing
  • Operational Marketing
  • Procurement
  • Harnessing the Power of Others

Included in the IPM Diploma

Immersion Day

A full day of workshops, presentations and discussions designed to ensure the candidate is fully engaged and motivated.  The Immersion Day will also cover the first two modules.

Location: Lewis Silkin, 5 Chancery Lane, Clifford’s Inn Passage, London, EC4A 1BL


A one-day session towards the end of the course to discuss the detail of the candidates’ response to the remaining assignments and Set Brief, just prior to submission.

Location: IPM, 70 Margaret Street, London, W1W 8SS